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Consulting at its Best! ★★★★★

I hired Rob and his consulting firm to guide and direct me and my organization in June of 2013. I was a small company headed in the wrong direction. Frankly I was struggling both personally and professionally. In less than 2 years I have gone from a company at risk to a company to be reckoned with securing some of the largest contracts in the industry. The growth and stability I have experienced over the last 2 years can only be traced back to one thing, the expertise and direction of Rob and his team.
 – Wyatt C. Owner, Rhyno Glass


Amazing Training Program ★★★★★

“Thank you for the Amazing training program you presented last week for me and my organization. The Buzz afterwards was extraordinary and the lessons shared with my Leadership team were spot on. The time management session you presented to the staff was outstanding. The “takeaways”as you call them are being implemented as we speak. I have had more trainers than I care to mention come through over the years however no one has made the impact on my team the way you have Thank You!!!! We look forward, with great anticipation, to our next event.”
Bill M.  Owner, Direct Hit Marketing


He engaged the audience in a wonderful manner! ★★★★★

“Rob did a delightful job speaking to a group of highly motivated college students. He engaged the audience in a wonderful manner and his passion truly inspired everyone to follow his takeaways. Rob was incredibly willing to work with our group and I will forever be thankful for all his kind words and efforts. I truly look forward to working future events with him.”
– Illian H., UCF


Our members were “WOWED” ★★★★★

“Dear Rob, I want to thank you once again for the amazing job you did speaking to our membership at our annual conference. Our members were “WOWED” by you your delivery and your message. It was like getting jewels of information from a good friend. You are a 5 star speaker. Frankly, you made me look great for bringing you in. Your material was excellent and timely however it was your delivery which was filled content and humor that made it so well received.
Many times a speaker is knowledgable but their delivery speaks at the audience. You chose to speak to our members. You spoke not just words but from your heart and first hand experience. Our members embraced your presentation because they knew you had been there experienced and lived the advice you were giving. You were a dream to work with and so amazingly professional. Thank you so much.”
Janelle Anderson, Wisconsin Community Papers


Passionate about helping and motivating others. ★★★★★

“Rob distinguishes himself as someone who is passionate about helping and motivating others. You can see it in his eyes and you can hear it through his tone. Rob delivers more than what is expected and has you leaving his seminar thinking about your career and his life advice. He has a way to captivate the audience and exceed any expectations.”
– Tayler C., UCF


Thank you for your passion and Enthusiasm! ★★★★★

“Thank you for the powerful presentation you provided our teams. I for one can honestly say this program was life changing. I had some great takeaways that I began to use immediately, not only for my office the next day during our morning huddle but at home with my family as well. ”
– Brent Rigor, Office Manager, Aspen Dental


Sets the highest standard for inspiring sales teams! ★★★★★

“Rob’s industry-leading training sets the highest standard for companies seeking to inspire their sales teams for top-line growth in performance. 

Rob has successfully designed, implemented and personally delivered customized sales and management training programs for numerous organizations I have been part of over a long term sustained period of time. 

Whether it’s to onboard new sales people onto the team or to refresh tenured representatives needing a revitalized approach, Rob has been able to provide high value training and coaching that drives quantifiable operating results.

Rob has successfully included in-person classroom training with online podcasts and coursework to reinforce the training messages for long-lasting effectiveness. 

I recommend Rob highly for your consideration as a leading management and sales organization training resource. ”
Carlos G., Republica

Thanks Coach! ★★★★★

You’ve helped and guided my career and life to get me where I am today. I am so very grateful and while the list of things you have done for me is great, the most important thing you have done is provided me with a model of your own Attitude, Behavior and Commitment to follow. I only hope one day I can have the same life changing impact on someone that you have had on me.
David C.

Simply the BEST ★★★★★

Rob over the past 2 years the positive impact you have had on me personally and professionally can never be appreciated enough. Your life skills and Leadership model will be with me forever. You are simply the BEST!!!!!
Alisa B.

Fun Filled Two Weeks! ★★★★★

Rob thank you so much for an educational motivational fun filled two weeks. Not often you can enjoy a speaker and learn from them at the same time. I will forever use the lessons taught in your Communication class and use the easy to remember acronyms you taught us in your sessions.

Jenn L.

A Mentor and a Friend ★★★★★

“I just wanted you to know how blessed I am that you’re a part of my life! You are a mentor and a friend and I value that more than words can express. You have changed my life with your coaching and guidance.  I will forever be grateful for all you have done for me personally and professionally.”

One of the Greats! ★★★★★

There aren’t many people along the path of life that stand out among the others however you are one of the few. The ambition drive humor and genuine character you present your programs with is inspiring. When in your presence it’s obvious you’re in the presence of one of the greats!

– Diane M.

Loved everything! ★★★★★

“I expected great things with you training our SACP team; but little did I know the impact you would have on this group.

Rob, my attendees from the PennySaver couldn’t say enough about you. Emails have been flying back and forth looking for something, anything from your class. They are even sharing notes they took and can’t stop talking about how wonderful you were! Comments like “I could listen to that guy all day” to “I love his quick wit, and spirit”…They loved everything from your animated storytelling to your video clips, to the real substance you had in your content.

I just wanted to let you know how much we appreciate everything you’ve done for our organization SACP and my team in particular! It’s truly a tribute to both your many years of experience and your platform skills…We could not have done this training boot camp without you! Since you love quotes so much, I thought I would share one with regards to you…A famous peace activist once said, “Wisdom is knowing what to do next; virtue is doing it.” Rob, you are obviously both wise and virtuous” We thank you, we are honored, obliged, inspired, and I am truly grateful for you as my friend and a mentor…Thank you on behalf of all of us at SACP, I will talk to you soon…”

– E. Buckley
EVP Pennysaver Magazine

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