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This is a comprehensive university-style training library that focuses on sales, marketing, leadership and personal growth.

Here are just a few of the classes available in the curriculum to chose from:

Personal Growth & Development

personal growth

Emotional Intelligence
There is a reason today more than 85% of corporate training budgets are dedicated to learning the strategies necessary to master Emotional Intelligence. Ask yourself this one simple question: “how much of life’s success or failures are linked to your interaction with others.” The answer is obvious however keeping your emotions in check takes enormous focus and discipline. Learn how to avoid the rush of adrenalin that leads to quick, many times harmful OVER REACTIONS in pressure packed situations and replace them with intelligent executive thinking. This is a process that almost always results in positive, rational outcomes.
Communicating Through Listening
Put your prospects, customers and employees on a pedestal without saying a word. In this course, you’ll discover the power of effective communication through a variety of listening concepts and techniques.
Time Management
Never have enough time? Learn how to use your most precious and valuable resource? Learn the art and science of maximizing your time and getting more out of your day week month and year both personally and professionally.
Conflict Resolution
It cost 5 times as much effort to find a new customer as it does to keep one. Learn the keys to mastering business relationships even with your most difficult customers.
Building Unstoppable Self Confidence
This powerful workshop offers a snap shot of how important self-confidence is in every aspect of your business, personally and professionally. Give your business the credibility you seek to set yourself apart from your competition in the marketplace.
Turning Adversity into Opportunity
Ernest Hemingway once said: “the world breaks everyone, and afterward, many are strong at the broken places.” This life changing class will show you how to respond (rather than simply react) to adversity and stress in ways that will make you a better, more resilient person.
Goal Setting
In the movie Alice and Wonderland Alice came upon the Cheshire cat and asked, “what road should I take,” when the cat asked Alice where she was going she said, “I don’t know.” The cat profoundly responded, “then any road will do.” You see knowing where you’re going increase your chances of getting there. Learn why setting goals can be the key to success and learn simple ways to execute and attain your goals.



Power of Praise
Learn to develop your staff by “praising them to success.” This session will cover how to use praise to motivate your people to adopt behaviors that will increase their effectiveness.
Coaching and Mentoring
Learn how to impart your knowledge of business and life to the people who work for you and use these skills to ensure the success of your enterprise — today, tomorrow, and far into the future.
Holding an Effective Meeting
Learn to run meetings that are interesting, informative and inspirational. Gain a wealth of practical advice on planning, running and getting the most from your staff meetings.
Hiring and Recruiting
Nothing is as important to the future of your business as finding good people and enticing them to join your team. This session will give you hands-on skills necessary to identify and recruit future superstars.
Managing Across the Generations
Managing the younger generation? Or, someone much older than you? Generational gaps can often present unique management issues. Attend this session to discuss how you can effectively communicate and manage people in other generations.
10 Steps to Superior Leadership
Like the old joke “How do I get to Carnegie Hall? Practice, practice, practice!” Leadership is no different. Here are 10 behaviors you can focus on to dramatically improve your leadership skills…immediately.
Why We Follow Great Leaders
No matter what role you play in life, Mom, Dad, sister, brother, sales associate, executive or entrepreneur your actions make a dramatic impact on everyone you touch. This interactive lesson on Leadership from the eyes of those who follow you will make you better both personally and professionally. Learn how to inspire others by understanding what types of behavior motivates them to follow, ultimately reaching the outcome everyone desires.


Sales & Marketing


Improving Your Team's Closing Ratio
You can do everything right during your sales process, but if you miss this step its over. Learn techniques and skills that will help you manage the closing portion of your sales process more effectively.
Prospecting: The Key to Selling Success
Every great book begins with an exciting first page that grabs your imagination, pulls you into the story and leaves you wanting more. This course will teach you how to grab a prospect’s attention and turn your cold calls into warm appointments.
Answering the Classic Sales Objections
No good sale is ever won without a fight! Prepare yourself for sales combat by learning how to uncover, confront and overcome the most common sales objections.
Opening a Sales Dialogue
Congratulations! You’ve secured an appointment… but how do you make a great first impression and engage the customer in the process? This class will focus on building an agenda, confirming buy-in from the customer and managing any objections that might occur at this point in the sales process.
Learn how to build Relationships and promote your product with Effective Questioning
If your prospects don’t believe they need your product, they will not buy your product. In this course you will learn how to ask probing questions that lead to implications and help your prospects identify their own need for your product.
Making Recommendations using Features, Benefits & Value
What happens when you uncover a need? Learn how to make sound recommendations by offering the features and benefits of your products that illustrate the VALUE of your product and service in your customer’s mind. This course focuses on building a recommendation that is the solution to your customer’s problem(s).
Selling Against the Competition
This session covers positioning your Company relative to your competition in your prospect’s mind. Using your strengths and exploiting your competitor’s vulnerabilities to win and keep business.
How to Succeed in a Tight Economy
When the going gets tough… do you or your team run and hide or adapt and persevere? Learn strategies and techniques that will build confidence and get sales results in a tight challenging economy.
How to 'Wow' with Exceptional Customer Service
Now more than ever, you need to show your customers how important they are. Attend this session to get fresh ideas for astounding your customers with exceptional customer service.
Negotiating a Win/Win Solution
This class demonstrates specific techniques for resolving disputes with customers without damaging your relationship with them. Negotiate with customers without “giving away the store” and turn customer service problems into opportunities. Find Win/Win solutions that will increase your sales and build long term relationships with your advertisers.
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