• So I start this blog with one simple question, “Are relationships important in your life?”

    If you answered yes, I promise that if you use the concepts and ideas in this short blog you will reach your outcome.

    Studies show that 90% of our success professionally and our happiness personally is the result of meaningful relationships. Here is a simple premise:

    1. Communication – effective communication – is the basis of all productive relationships.

    Unfortunately, communication breaks down all the time. The question is, why? Because effective communication only exists when the receiver hears and understands the speaker’s message as its intended. Johan Goethe said, a person hears only what they understand and no two people hear a message the same way. There is a real disconnect between hearing the words and listening to the message. It’s like cutting the electric chord of a lamp then plugging the lamp in and expecting there to be light. We don’t set out to break the connection; in fact, we’re baffled when the conversation leaves us in the dark.

    1. Listening is the key to effective communication

    So, the ability to listen is the primary prerequisite to effective communication. So why is listening the key to the communication process? The most powerful and basic way to connect with another person is to listen, just listen. Possibly the most important gift we give to the people we love is our time and attention. I have a dear friend who when he is around others by means of listening he makes everyone around him feel more important and more intelligent, while most people in a social or business setting are compelled to tell everyone how important or intelligent they are. You see knowledge speaks; however, wisdom listens. By listening and giving unselfishly our time and attention to others we improve every relationship in our lives.

    Listening doesn’t mean being quiet until you can grab back control of the conversation. It doesn’t mean rehearsing a response to the speaker’s message. And, it doesn’t mean to listen to the flaws in the other person’s argument, preparing for the rebuttal to that argument. What it does mean is to be completely committed to hearing the speaker’s entire message before formulating a response.

    1. Listening to be completely committed to hearing the speaker’s entire message before formulating a response.

    The benefits of putting yourself unselfishly into another person’s point of view are far too many to document in this short blog; however, when you do listen effectively you understand what the person is thinking, and you understand what the person is feeling. The result is that two people are in sync. There is clear understanding and there is cooperation and collaboration that builds a level of confidence in the relationship that produces a positive productive outcome.

    The-7-Habits-of-Highly-Effective-People-198x300Stephen Covey, famous for The Seven Habits of Highly Effective People, said, “Seek first to understand then to be understood.” A great mantra to build great relationships.

    In future blogs we will discuss the four elements of effective listening and great shortcuts to improve listening immediately.

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  • Always Set SMART Goals » Knowing the Destination So You Can Reach It!

    In the movie “Alice in Wonderland”, Alice comes upon a Cheshire cat and asks the feline which road she should take. The cat responds, “Well that depends on where you’re trying to get to.” Alice quips, “I don’t know.” The cat responds, “Then any road will do.”

    You see, knowing where you’re going increases your chances dramatically of getting there, and there is no better way of GETTING THERE than by setting your goals and aspirations for the upcoming year. Think of your goals as destinations and the action steps as your GPS guiding and directing you.

    So why is setting goals so important? If you’re like me, for years you have resisted the need to set goals and even scoffed at the thought that setting goals, and, even more importantly, committing them to writing, makes a positive impact on your life. However, a closer look might convince you that setting goals is a prudent thing to do.

    In 1979 a class of Harvard MBA students was asked, have you set clear written goals for your future and set an action plan to accomplish them? The following will astonish you. Only three percent of the class had written goals and a plan in place, 13% just had goals, and an amazing 84% had no specific goals at all.

    Ten years later the members of the class were interviewed once again and the following results will no doubt answer that important question, “Why set goals?” The findings were that the 13% who had goals were earning, on average, twice as much as the 84% who had no goals at all. And the three percent who had clear, written goals with a plan to achieve them, well they were achieving a whopping ten times as much as the entire 97% combined.

    There are four primary reasons we don’t set goals, whether it be business related or personal:

    1.) We don’t understand the importance of goal setting.

    2.) We don’t know how to set goals.

    3.) We fear the inevitable failure in achieving our goals because the goals we set are overwhelming and many times unachievable.

    4.) We fear and resist change, and goal setting takes us out of our comfort zone.

    It’s important to note that while all of these road blocks are real they can be eliminated and overcome with a small measure of knowledge and understanding. It just boils down to how important it is for you to reach your destination by achieving your goals.

    Here is a simple acronym to remember when setting goals.

    Always set SMART goals. Goals should be: Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Realistic, and Time stamped!


    In my next blog I will discuss more specifically the SMART acronym and the areas to focus on when setting goals.

    Remember there are no shortcuts to personal and professional satisfaction; however, goal setting will increase your chances of arriving successfully to your destination.

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  • Being SMART with Your Goal Setting » Tampa Business Training

    If you were to ask most experts what the key to success is, most would agree it would be: setting clearly defined goals. Without goals your dreams and hopes have no chance of becoming a reality. Simply stated, goal setters are among the richest and most successful people in the world.

    Here are some areas you can focus on when setting goals and I’ll use the letter “F” to make it easy for you to remember: family, friends, faith, fitness, finance, fun, and future. By future, I am referring to your professional life, your career. I encourage you to choose the areas of your life that need the most attention, and then set one solid goal for each of those areas.

    In my last blog I shared an acronym with you and promised we would get more specific. Remember, a smart goal has five distinct elements. The acronym S.M.A.R.T will guide you in this important process.

    Goal Setting Tampa

    I had written previously that SMART stands for specific, measurable, attainable, realistic and time stamped.
    Read Part 1 HERE

    Let’s start with specific. All goals need to be specific. What do you want to achieve, how will you achieve it and why is it important? You must clearly define the outcome you’re looking for. A good example would be I want to increase my customer count by ten percent within the next calendar year.

    The letter “M” in the SMART acronym stands for” measurable”. All goals should establish concrete criteria for measuring your success and you should measure your success each and every day.

    The A” in the acronym SMART stands for attainable”, and while goals should push you past your comfort zone they must be achievable. Achievable goals will motivate you. Unachievable goals will frustrate you and set you up for failure. Most workout programs end quickly since we start with a program that is too difficult.

    The R” in the acronym SMART stands for realistic”. Set relevant, realistic goals to your life. Your goals should be relevant and should mirror your values. Your goals should be important to you and the outcome should impact your life in a positive way. Don’t set goals that aren’t aligned with your purpose in life. If you do it will be difficult to see them through to completion.

    The T” in the acronym SMART stands for time stamped”. Make sure your outcome is timed by attaching a specific deadline to its accomplishment. Someone once said, “Goals are dreams with deadlines.” Setting a deadline will keep you on track and keep you from pushing that goal into the distant future. If you take a second and reach back to when we talked about specific goals, we said we were going to increase customer count in the New Year. That goal had a starting point and a completion point and an action plan to see it through to success.

    So as I close this blog let me give you five quick tips for setting goals.

    1. Keep them simple, just a few sentences for each goal.
    2. Review your goals regularly.
    3. Allow your goals to reflect your values.
    4. Reward yourself along the way, celebrate the small victories.
    5. Most importantly, commit your goals to writing.Lee Iacocca said, “The discipline of writing something down is the first step towards making it happen.”  So, remember, life is like a Broadway play, you can either be the star or a bit player. Setting goals allows you to write your life script instead of letting life just happen.
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